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Abha Puri
Subject: Hindi Language

I have been teaching Hindi with Bhavan for fourteen years and successfully prepared students for GCSE Hindi. Teaching Hindi is one of my passions, having done it for eight years in a primary school in India. In the UK I have experience of teaching various accredited and non-accredited courses to ESOL learners including IELTS.

I have also worked as a Primary Supply Teacher in the UK for six years. In terms of my educational qualifications, I have QTLS and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education from The University of Bolton. I initially graduated with Masters Degrees in English Literature and Economics as well as a B.Ed. in Primary Education from India. For two years I was an official assessor and mentor for students on a PGCE program at The University of Bolton. My teaching style is variable and adapted according to the learning needs of the students to maximise their potential.

I have been working with Bhavan for fourteen years. I enjoy teaching children from different language backgrounds. It is rewarding to see students progressing.

Hindi is a very easy language to learn. Words are written as they are pronounced. Hindi is written from left to right. Hindi is the most common language spoken in India and hence the national tongue. Hindi is an evolution and successor to the language of Sanskrit which carries a long and interesting history, better understood with an underlying background in Hindi.

ashish taylor teacher dohl bhavan

Mr. Ashish Taylor
Subject: Dhol

Ashish has been playing percussion instruments for a number of years, starting at the age of 11. Since then Ashish and his team have been performing at wedding functions across the world. After the success in the wedding industry Ashish has taken to teaching and has done so through community centres and school workshops.

The Dhol originates from India and is a double sided Drum, which is played mostly as an accompanying instrument to the traditional Punjabi dance of Bhangra, the traditional dance of Gujarat, Raas, and the religious music of Sufism and Qawwali.

bhavan manchester - ashwin m dalvi

Dr Ashwin M Dalvi
Subject: Sitar

Dr. Ashwin Mahesh Dalvi, Ex-Chairman, Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy, hense “State Minister” of Government of Rajasthan, is an Established Sur-Bahar – Sitar player and an installation artist of International repute. Ashwin inherited the love for music and arts from his family and started his training in music under the guidance of his illustrious father Sri Mahesh D. Dalvi.

In the year 2003, Ashwin started his advanced training, exclusively in Sur-Bahar under the pupilage of renowned musicologist and Sitar Maestro Pt. Arvind Parikh from Itawah Gharana, friend and the senior most disciple of Ustad Vilayat Khan. Since then, he has been getting extensive talim from Pt. Arvind Parikh and learning intricacies of the Sur-Bahar, such as developing Dhrupad and Khyal ang on Sur-Bahar, silsilewar badhat (Systematic development), traditional bandishes (compositions) etc.

Ashwin has performed at many prestigious events all across the world, including Tansen Sangeet Samaroh , Chhandayan USA, India International Center-New Delhi, ITC SRA-Kolkata, NCPA Mumbai, Sankat Mochan Mahotsav, Banaras and so forth. Ashwin has been awarded Doctorate on his research work on legendary Sitar Maestro Pt. Nikhil Bannerjee. He has been a faculty member at renowned universities in India, namely Banasthali University, Banasthali and Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda.

Ashwin is a panelist in scholarship programs sponsored by Ministry of Tourism and Culture, The Government of India. He has also been a Board Member of Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur (Govt. of Rajasthan) (Ex), West Zone Culture Centre (Govt. of India) (Ex), North Zone Culture Centre (Govt. of India) (Ex) and North-Central Zone Culture Centre (Govt. of India) (Ex).

Association with Bhavans: I have been associated with Bhavans in the past few years.

Dr Kamal N Rauniar
Subject: Vedic Maths and Hinduism

Born in Kathmandu, Nepal. 1974 Gold medallist, first class first Post Graduate (MSc) Physics from Tribhuvan University (TU), Kathmandu. Went to Germany and studied Electrical & Electronic Engineering Post Graduate course acquiring German ‘Dipl.-Ing’ degree. Thereafter, worked at the German Technical University in Aachen and lived there for 12 years altogether. Married to Alka in 1983. Have two sons, Shiromani (31) and Shaunak (26).

Came to UK in 1986. Conducted research in LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays) at the Physics Department of the University of Manchester and as a result, received a ‘PhD’ in1991. Thereafter, a career change to become Financial Consultant. Became Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) in 2005. Entered Renewable Energy sector in 2010 as a Renewable Energy Consultant which is continuing to date.

Association with Bhavans: Advocate of and affiliated to Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan since its inception in Manchester in1994. Taught Hindi and Vedic Maths at BVB for past several years as per requirement; presently, Hinduism as well. Speak Bhojpuri, Nepali, Hindi, Urdu & German. Good grasp of Punjabi & Gujrati.


dayaram guatam teacher yoga bhavan

Dayaram Gautam
Subject: Yoga

My career began with the hospitality industry since 1995 from Pokhara, Nepal. I spent 10 years in Dubai and 12 years In Manchester continuing to serve. Hospitality industry is peoples business and I enjoyed every single moment with internal and external customers.I joined the HCRF Foundation (In India) since

2016 and Doing Raja yoga and Meditation. ‘Hatha yoga’ from GSPSS(Australia) since 2020 from Maha yoga collage I continue studying. Since last 3 month I am teaching yoga for the Nepalese community (SAJHA NEPALI SAMAJ MANCHESTER).

Academic qualification completed in a college in business management from Nepal. No matter how happy and satisfied we are we’re still searching for something extra as human these material things provide happyness for a bit and again search for something else, It is hard to find the purpose of human life and so this journey begun. I witnessed greatness of this journey and I make
myself a family of the bhavan family member!


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Mrs. Avni Vyas
Subject: Gujarati

Growing up in the UK meant that my main language was going to be English.
However, my parent’s foresight was a wonderful thing. I spoke no English until the age of 5 and then continued to speak it exclusively at home.

Having this connection into my culture has been an amazing experience. I feel
completely at home when I am in India and I have access to the culture and arts whilst I live in UK. I feel very privileged that I can make this connection and I would like to give others the confidence to do the same.

I enjoy teaching Gujarati to anyone who would like to learn it. It won’t necessarily open doors, but it may enrich your life a little more.

Kanchan Maradan
Subject: Kathak Dance

Kanchan was born in Mumbai & has been passionate about dance since childhood. She started her training in Kathak in London and then decided to return to India after seeing Madhavi Mudgals’ performance, which inspired a wish to study the intricacies of Kathak and Indian Culture in more depth. She joined the Gandharva Mahavidyalay in New Delhi under the tutelage of Ms. Prerana Shrimali, doyen of Jaipur Gharana and has completed her Alankaar MA in Kathak and Vishaarad (BA) in Hindustani vocals from this prestigious institute.

She has extensive experience (22 years) as a performer (stage, film and TV), teacher (20 years), choreographer, director and judge. She has to date, performed, taught dance and lived across 3 continents (Asia, Europe, South America-India, Japan, Russia, Reunion Island, France, Italy, Sweden, Brazil). Kanchan is an Empanelled artist of ICCR since 2004 and has received the Junior Fellowship Award (2005-07) from Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

Association with Bhavans: Kanchan joined the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Manchester in 2014 and her students have presented dances at the end of year shows and the 25th year celebrations and at the 14th Dashehra Diwali Mela Manchester 2019.


Margaret McNeill
Subject: Sanskrit

I first came to Sanskrit through an interest in Vedanta. I have taken the Cambridge International exams at IGCSE, AS and A levels. During the last 15 years at the Bhavan I have taught from beginner to A level, using the St James coursebooks published by Motilal Banarsidass. These are very well structured and lead towards the Cambridge International IGCSE which provides a very good foundation for anyone who wants to study original Sanskrit texts.

Though it is a rigorous classical language, even a limited introduction to Sanskrit can open up possibilities for chanting, or for using a dictionary to enrich study of texts read in translation. And for children it can be just intriguing and fun. 

M.McNeill B.A., PGCE

Nrithya Rammohan
Subject: Bharatanatyam

Bhavan Manchester welcomes Nrithya Rammohan as our new Bharatanatyam teacher. Nrithya’s vision is to make dance accessible to all ages across all communities. Her aspirations to deliver immersive performances which bring the joy and spirit of dance to both the performers as well as the audience. 
Nrithya has performed nationally many times and has won awards like ‘Inspiring Global Tamil Woman’ by British Indian Tamil Radio. Nrithya as founder and artistic director of NrityaKala UK will be supported by Prof Geetha Upadhyaya who will teach the necessary aspects of music and Theory for Bharatanatyam.

Rajeswari Khandasamy
Subject: Karnatic Violin

Rajeswary is proficient in Carnatic Violin having successfully passed all the various Grades. She is also an accomplished vocalist. In the past she used to teach young children to play the violin in her home country Sri Lanka, where she has given many solo and group performances.

Rajeswary also is trained at Vani Mahal Carnatic Centre in Chennai by Rangnad Sharma. Her respected Guru is Sri Sarwasvarrasarma, a well-known violin maestro who can regularly be heard on Radio Ceylon. Rajeswary is associated with Bhavan since 2006.

Robin Christian
Subject: Bansuri

Robin derived passion from India at the early age of 15 years where he began to play the North Indian bamboo flute with a strong influence and practice with the flute maestro Pt. Ronu Majumdar.

Today he continues to share, enjoy and humbly contribute to the music world and plays in the North Indian tradition. He plays and directs almost every form of music, which ranges from folk, devotional, soul, classical in both eastern and western fields.

With his recognised talent he has been asked to perform with various well known artists which includes leading playback singers. He has performed at various prestigious locations including The Royal Albert Hall in the U.K.  Performances have involved the media which includes many shows on MA TV, Chanel S (Bengali Channel), N TV Bangla, ATN Bangla, Channel i and numerous radio appearances including the BBC and various others in the U.K. In addition, he has featured in many Gujarati movies and albums.

Robin Christian supports Divine Charity (Divine, a registered charity in the U.K whose purpose is to support women and children in hardship. He is devoted to using his talent with music and time to help raise funds to support. Robin started teaching with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and since the class size grow in just a few weeks.

He says “God gave to us for the purpose of serving him and serving other people.”

Sonia Sharma
Subject: Bollywood

“I believe that dance is a form of artistic medium to showcase the spirit of emotions, expressions and creativity.” Since my childhood I have been interested in dance, music, drama. I am a professional Bollywood dance instructor/choreographer/Zumba Instructor & Yoga trainer. I always try to express my creativity in an artistic way in my passion which is Dance & paintings. I am working with Manchester Adult Education Centre as an IT tutor and working as a Bollywood dance teacher in Manchester Malayali Association.

I am a committee member of Indian association & Manchester Mega Mela. It has been a wonderful experience in getting involved in many projects: Diwali Dashera Mela, Manchester Mega Mela, Cow parade, Manchester Day parade, Manchester poetry festival & other communities eg Indian association, Irish Community, Malyalee association, ASAR charity, Tamil Association & other local communities to promote our culture.

Recently I participated in South Asian Heritage month-long celebration in Ontario, Canada and United Kingdom to celebrate the heritage of people with roots in the South Asian countries. I am so glad to be part of this event. Where I could show case my Paintings & represent India’s diverse culture though Kathak semi classical dance, Garba, Rajasthani and Bhangra dance.

Association with Bhavan: I teach Bollywood dance/folk dance and semi classical dance at Bhavan. Bhavan’s Student have participated in many big events like Manchester Mega Mela, Manchester Festival, Diwali Dashera Mela, Manchester Day parade and many more. UK based dance contest held at the Balaji Temple in Birmingham, Bhavan’s students won the 1st prize for “Best Cinematic Dance” award. It was a competition which was organised by the National Council of Kerala Hindu Heritage UK. Kids between 11–14 years represented the Greater Manchester Malayali Hindu Samajam. It was published online Global Indians stories and Asian lite newspaper.

Sunitha Yadavalli Guduru – Carnatic Vocal Teacher

Sunitha is a passionate teacher who strives to adopt the best ways of teaching according to each student’s requirement. In addition to MBA degree in Marketing, she also holds a diploma in Carnatic music from Andhra University, India.

She has performed in concerts in the Yuva vani programme by All India Radio, Visakhapatnam. Sunitha actively participates in the Tyagaraja Aradhana Festival celebrated in India and in the UK. She has been training many students in Carnatic music from across the globe, both online and offline for almost 10 years.

Sunitha has great respect and proficiency towards Telugu language, her mother tongue, and hence teaches it to students in the UK, providing them an opportunity to learn Telugu on a foreign land.

Sunitha looks forward for a long association with Bhavan Manchetser in the future.

Tim Mottershead
Subject: Carnatic Vocal

Tim Mottershead M.Phil, G.Mus, Cert.Ed. studied music at Liverpool Community College, followed by post-graduate research at Aberdeen University. However, he has learned most from the Scottish composer-pianist, Ronald Stevenson (1928-2015), one of the original architects of world music. Stevenson was commissioned to write a Violin Concerto by Yehudi Menuhin, which ‘dawns’ in India with raga Todi & journeys to a western sunset taking in music of many other regions en route.

Tim performed for many years with Rakesh Joshi in Raga Jyoti, & has performed in numerous other styles. He has written for numerous publications including Tempo, Musical Opinion, Piano Professional, as well as national and regional papers, and published a biography on the composer Alan Rawsthorne. He is also a composer.

Association with Bhavans: Having previously acted as relief music teacher Tim was formerly asked to join Bhavan in September 2018, teaching beginner and intermediate keyboard classes. In January 2020 he inaugurated/instigated a brand new class ‘Western Notation’. It is hoped to incorporate this into the PRSSV syllabus in the future.