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Bhavan is delighted to announce that our institute is now offering Diploma level course in Indian Dance and Music.  With our over 25 years of experience in teaching Indian Art & Culture, we have teamed up with a highly reputable institute Nad Sadhna the Research Centre for Indian Music, based in Jaipur India.  Our affiliation with Nad Sadhna has been achieved after a long two years of intensive meetings.  This is a huge step forward for Bhavan as it is now able to offer opportunities to our students to gain their well deserved qualifications of Diploma for the work which they are already doing at our institution. 


Nad Sadhna Institute is a place where researchers in music education as well as students and enthusiasts can get together in a virtual exchange of information and knowledge in the field of music education and musical performance.  

Nad Sadhna is based in Jaipur, the city better described as the cultural capital of the Country. Having dedicated study facilities and extensive holdings of published and unpublished materials, collections of recorded music and audio visual laboratory Nad Sadhna offers academic qualifications to academicians and students from other institutes.

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